4-Step Guide for Safe Transportation: Discover ‘What is a Landoll Trailer?’

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Landoll trailers are like superhero trucks for moving big and heavy stuff. They have cool hydraulic powers that make loading and unloading a breeze – no need for extra ramps or heavy machinery.

Landoll trailers are strong and versatile for construction and heavy equipment transport. With their hydraulic systems, they can easily handle various cargo, like construction or farm equipment.

Whether it’s construction gear or farming equipment, these trailers are tough and make the job quick and easy. They save time and keep your stuff safe, making them a top choice for hauling all sorts of heavy loads.

Especially if you’re a small business owner in Massachusetts or a homeowner needing heavy equipment transport, Landoll Trailers are a great solution. Apple Truck and Trailer is perfect for your search for a local landoll dealer from Massachusetts.

4-Step Guide for Understanding: ‘What is a Landoll Trailer?’

  • What are They?: Specialized equipment transport trailers for moving big and heavy stuff.
  • Advantages: Efficient weight distribution for safe and reliable traveling. With a high capacity (5 to 60 tons) for handling heavier loads.
  • Unique Types: Explore diverse models such as Detachable Gooseneck Trailers, Bottom-Dump Trailers, and Traveling-Tail Trailers.
  • Outstanding Features: The H.O.S.S. system facilitates quick loading and unloading with hydraulic efficiency.

Infographic describing the Landoll Trailer's hydraulic system, how it tilts for easy loading, wider tilt cylinder mounts, and examples of typical loads such as construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and heavy vehicles. Key points include: 1. Hydraulic System Operation, 2. Inclination Adjustment for Loading, 3. Types of Cargo Suitable for Transport. - what is a landoll trailer infographic step-infographic-4-steps - ground loading trailers service - ground loading trailers -high quality trailers - tandem axle trailer

Let’s explore how these trailers work and the advantages they offer—helping you make smart decisions for your transportation needs.

Defining Landoll Trailers: What is a Landoll Trailer?

A Landoll trailer is a type of heavy equipment trailer made by the Landoll Corporation.

It’s known for its hydraulic tilt bed, making it easy to load and unload large items like construction or agricultural machinery. The bed can be raised and lowered, eliminating the need for ramps and providing convenience in transporting heavy loads.

Landoll trailers are commonly used in industries where efficiently moving heavy equipment is important, like construction and agriculture.

Learning the Advantages of Landoll Trailers

When it comes to moving heavy equipment, the choice of trailer can make all the difference. That’s where Landoll trailers come into play, offering a set of advantages that are hard to match.

Let’s break down these benefits:

Hydraulic Systems

At the heart of a Landoll trailer’s efficiency is its hydraulic system. This feature allows the trailer bed to tilt, making loading and unloading a breeze. Imagine not needing separate ramps or forklifts to get your cargo onto the trailer. That’s the convenience Landoll trailers offer.

Weight Distribution

Another key advantage is how these trailers manage weight distribution. They’re designed to spread the load evenly across the trailer’s length and width. This means safer and more stable transport, especially for super heavy loads. It’s all about keeping the cargo secure and the road safe for everyone.


When we say Landoll trailers are high-capacity, we’re talking about their ability to handle loads ranging from 5 to 60 tons. Whether it’s a bulldozer, large excavator, or any other heavy machinery, these trailers are up for the challenge. Their design accommodates oversized and over-dimensional cargo with ease, making them a go-to for transporting hefty equipment.

Undercarriage Roller System

A unique feature of Landoll trailers is their undercarriage roller system. This system not only contributes to the trailer’s high-capacity load handling but also enhances its maneuverability across different terrains. Whether it’s a smooth highway or a rugged construction site, Landoll trailers can navigate with stability and ease.

Choosing a Landoll trailer means opting for a transport solution that offers ease of loading, exceptional weight distribution, and the capacity to handle massive loads securely. Their design and features address the common challenges of transporting heavy equipment, making them a valuable asset for businesses in construction, logistics, and beyond.

Types of Landoll Trailers

Massachusetts Landoll Trailers for Sale - tough equipment and top performance - What is a Landoll Trailer?

When it comes to moving heavy equipment, not all trailers are created equal. That’s why knowing what is a Landoll trailer and its types can make a big difference in your transport operations.

Let’s break down the various Landoll trailers designed to handle a range of loads with ease.

Detachable Gooseneck Trailers

These trailers are the heavy lifters of the transport world. With two or three axles, they’re built to transport large agricultural equipment. But here’s the kicker: you can add a fourth axle for those really big jobs.

The detachable feature means you can load equipment directly onto the trailer bed without extra ramps, making it a game-changer for efficiency.

Bottom-Dump Trailers

Picture a trailer that can open up at the bottom to instantly unload its cargo.

That’s exactly what the Bottom-Dump Trailers do. They’re the go-to choice for construction and mining operations where quick and easy unloading of materials like soil is a must. This type of trailer streamlines operations, saving time and money.

Traveling-Tail Trailers

Loading heavy cargo from the rear can be a hassle, but not with Traveling-Tail Trailers. These trailers boast adjustable tails that tilt to an 11-degree angle, creating a ramp.

This means you don’t need separate ramps to load your cargo, simplifying the process significantly. It’s all about making loading as straightforward as possible.

Utility Tag Landoll Trailers

When your load is a bit lighter but you still need reliability, Utility Tag Landoll Trailers are the answer. These trailers support 10,000 to 14,000 lb. of weight and are perfect for smaller equipment transport.

They combine the durability and ease of use Landoll is known for, but in a more compact form.

Industrial Tag Landoll Trailer

Designed with a lower deck height and pierced main beams, the Industrial Tag Landoll Trailer is all about handling more substantial, yet sensitive cargo. Its design ensures a lower center of gravity, which translates to safer and more stable transport of industrial equipment.

Features of Landoll Trailers

custom features installed - custom features - landoll trailers can handle heavy loads - landoll trailers in Massachusetts

When we talk about what is a Landoll trailer, we’re not just talking about any ordinary trailer. Landoll trailers are a cut above the rest, thanks to their innovative features designed to make transport safer, more efficient, and adaptable to a variety of needs.

Let’s break down some of these standout features:

H.O.S.S. (Hydraulic Operating Systems)

At the heart of many Landoll trailers is the H.O.S.S. system. This hydraulic system is a game-changer, cutting operational times in half. Imagine the axle moving forward by 36% faster and back by 58% faster. The tilt deck positioning speeds up to nearly 63%, and winch speeds increase by about 66%.

This means you can load and unload quicker than ever before, saving precious time and money.

High Visibility Lighting

Safety is paramount, especially when transporting heavy loads. Landoll trailers come equipped with High Visibility Lighting packages, including energy-efficient LED lights. These lights make the trailers more visible in low-light conditions, reducing the risk of accidents.

Plus, they’re designed to last longer, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Powder Coat Paint

Durability is a key concern for anyone in the transport business. Landoll trailers are coated with powder coat paint, a finish that provides excellent resistance against chemicals and salt. This not only extends the life of the trailer but also keeps it looking good as new. You can choose from eight standard colors, allowing you to match the trailer to your company branding or personal preference.

Railroad Track Option

For those needing to transport rail maintenance equipment, the railroad track option is a lifesaver. This feature allows for a smooth transition from rail to trailer without the need for ramps or heavy drop-in rails. It’s an ideal solution for loading and transporting today’s rail maintenance equipment quickly and safely.

Frame Design and Stability

The backbone of a Landoll trailer is its four-beam frame design. This structure provides unmatched stability, especially when loading heavy loads. The wider main beams and undercarriage, along with outboard tilt cylinder mounts and outer beam pivot points, ensure superior stability. This design feature is crucial for safely transporting heavy equipment.

Load Angle

One of the unique features of Landoll trailers is their low load angle. Thanks to the innovative design, equipment such as man lifts, forklifts, and other low clearance machines can easily be loaded onto the upper deck. This makes Landoll trailers versatile, capable of handling a wide range of equipment with ease.

In summary, Landoll trailers are equipped with features that set them apart from the competition.

From the H.O.S.S. system that speeds up operations to the high visibility lighting that enhances safety, every aspect of a Landoll trailer is designed with the user in mind. The powder coat paint and railroad track option add to the durability and versatility of these trailers, while the frame design and load angle ensure stability and ease of use.

Whether you’re transporting heavy machinery or delicate equipment, Landoll trailers are built to meet the challenge head-on.

How Landoll Trailers Enhance Transport Operations

Transporting heavy machinery and oversized loads can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, Landoll trailers are designed to simplify and improve the efficiency of transport operations significantly.

  • Quick Loading: One of the standout features of Landoll trailers is their hydraulic systems, which allow for quick and easy loading. The ability to tilt the trailer bed to the ground eliminates the need for additional loading equipment like ramps. This means equipment such as bulldozers, forklifts, or even super low clearance pavers can be driven directly onto the trailer. This not only saves time but also reduces labor costs and the potential for loading accidents.
  • Adjustable Ground Clearance: The design of Landoll trailers includes adjustable ground clearance. This is particularly useful when transporting loads over uneven terrain or when navigating obstacles. The ability to adjust the height of the trailer ensures that the cargo remains safe and secure, regardless of the road conditions.
  • Extended Lengths: Landoll trailers come in various lengths, accommodating the needs of different types of cargo. Whether it’s long pipes, construction beams, or large machinery, these trailers can handle it. The extended lengths available mean that even the most awkwardly sized loads can be transported efficiently and safely.
  • Heavy Equipment Transport: When it comes to transporting heavy equipment, Landoll trailers are unmatched. With their robust design and high capacity, they can carry loads ranging from 5 to 60 tons. This makes them perfect for moving large excavators, articulated dump trucks, and other heavy machinery that would be challenging to transport on standard trailers.
  • Superloads: For exceptionally large or heavy loads, known as superloads, Landoll trailers are the go-to solution. Their superior weight distribution and undercarriage roller system allow them to carry more weight than standard trailers. This capability is crucial for industries that regularly move superloads, as it ensures the safe and efficient transportation of oversized equipment or structures.


Landoll trailers are the smart choice for handling heavy loads. At Apple Truck and Trailer, we’re more than just sellers. We’re your dedicated Landoll dealer, focused on making your heavy-duty transportation safer and more efficient.

Whether you’re moving big machines, construction gear, or various cargo, Landoll trailers give you the flexibility, durability, and performance you need.

Models like the Traveling Axle Model 455B, with features like the H.O.S.S. system and High Visibility Lighting, are designed to save time, cut costs, and boost safety.

Landoll trailers are great because they’re designed with innovation in mind. They make transporting large, heavy, or awkwardly sized loads easier with quick loading, adjustable ground clearance, extended lengths, and the capacity for heavy equipment and superloads.

Businesses that deal with transporting big or challenging loads find Landoll trailers to be essential for efficient, safe, and versatile transportation.

Partnering with Apple Truck and Trailer: Achieve Your Goals Today Using Our Reliable Landoll Trailers

Our team at Apple Truck and Trailer knows Landoll trailers inside and out and is ready to help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you’re moving heavy machinery or various cargo, Landoll trailers offer flexibility, durability, and top-notch performance.

For those looking to enhance their transportation capabilities with a Landoll trailer, explore our selection and services of Landoll Trailers to discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

Visit our Landoll dealer page to learn more and discover the right Landoll trailer for your needs. Landoll trailers are great for many industries due to their load capacity, super low load angle, and more.

Let Apple Truck and Trailer be your partner in driving your business forward with the power, performance, and reliability of Landoll trailers. We also offer storage containers, truck leasing and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Landoll Trailers

When it comes to Landoll trailers, there are a few questions that pop up regularly. Let’s dive into some of the most common inquiries to help you understand these versatile trailers better.

How much weight can a Landoll trailer haul?

The weight a Landoll trailer can haul varies depending on the model. Generally, Landoll trailers are designed to handle loads ranging from 5 to 60 tons. This high capacity makes them perfect for transporting heavy equipment like bulldozers, large excavators, and articulated dump trucks. The specific model of the trailer and its configuration play a crucial role in determining its exact hauling capacity.

Do Landoll trailers have winches?

Yes, many Landoll trailers are equipped with winches. These winches are a critical component, especially when loading equipment that cannot be driven onto the trailer under its own power. The winch helps in pulling the equipment onto the trailer smoothly and safely. The introduction of the H.O.S.S. hydraulic operating system has further enhanced the efficiency of winches on Landoll trailers, making loading and unloading operations quicker and more reliable.

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