Dry Van Storage Trailer Rental: Buyer’s Guide for the Best Options in 2024

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Searching for a reliable and cost-effective storage solution in New England? Dry van storage trailer rental offers flexible, secure, and affordable storage options right in your backyard. The company is recognized as New England’s leader in dry van storage trailer rentals.

Whether you operate a small business in need of extra storage during peak seasons, or you’re a homeowner handling a move, dry van storage trailers provide a practical solution. Crafted from durable materials, these trailers keep your belongings or merchandise safe from the elements and unauthorized access. As New England’s leader in the market, we ensure our clients receive top-notch service and quality.

  • Flexibility: Move and position your storage wherever you need, whenever you need it.
  • Security: Lockable and built tough to protect your valuables.
  • Cost Efficiency: Avoid expensive warehouse fees with on-site storage at your location.

Dry vans, commonly known as box trailers, are enclosed trailers used primarily for transporting and storing non-perishable goods. This makes them perfect for a variety of industries and personal use, including retail, manufacturing, and during remodeling or moving phases.

Their robust construction ensures your items stay dry and secure, providing a ‘warehouse-on-wheels’ that cuts down on transportation costs and increases accessibility to your stored items.

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Understanding the basics of dry van trailers and recognizing their importance in solving storage challenges can save businesses and individuals time and money. As you explore further into the options available, keep these foundational benefits in mind to choose the best trailer for your specific needs.

Understanding Dry Van Storage Trailers

When considering dry van storage trailer rental, grasp the specifics of their design and functionality to make an informed decision. Here’s a straightforward guide to understanding the dimensions, longevity, and loading techniques of these versatile storage solutions. Additionally, our company excels in offering tailored storage trailer solutions across New England, ensuring flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and convenience for all your storage needs.


Dry van trailers typically come in various sizes, which can significantly impact their suitability for different storage needs. The most common lengths are between 45’ and 53’, with a standard width of about 100 inches. This size range ensures ample space for storing large quantities of goods or bulky items. The height inside these trailers usually allows for stacking of items, maximizing the use of space.


The durability of a dry van trailer is a crucial factor to consider. Typically, these trailers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and heavy use. Most dry van storage trailers from reputable sources like Apple Truck are built with robust materials like aluminum roofs and hardwood floors which contribute to their longevity. With proper maintenance, these trailers can last many years, providing a reliable storage solution that withstands the elements and secures your goods effectively.

Loading Techniques

Effective loading is key to maximizing the utility of a dry van trailer. Here are some tips to ensure you load your trailer efficiently and safely:

  • Even Distribution: Always distribute weight evenly across the floor space. This balance helps maintain the trailer’s stability during transport and when stationary.
  • Securement: Use straps and load bars to secure items. Movement during transit can cause damage, so it’s vital to ensure everything is tightly secured.
  • Accessibility: Plan your loading strategy by placing frequently needed items towards the front of the trailer. This setup minimizes the need to rearrange items frequently.
  • Protection: Use protective wraps for fragile items. Additionally, placing heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top prevents damage.

By understanding these aspects of dry van storage trailers, you can choose the right model that best fits your needs, ensuring your items are stored safely and accessibly. This knowledge also aids in extending the lifespan of the trailer by employing proper loading techniques and regular maintenance.

Consider how these factors play a crucial role in not just choosing a trailer, but also in maximizing its utility over its lifespan. Next, we’ll explore cost-effective storage solutions that can further enhance the benefits of opting for a dry van storage trailer.

Choosing the Right Dry Van Trailer for Your Needs

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When selecting a dry van storage trailer rental, it’s crucial to consider the comprehensive trailer services our company offers, including rentals, maintenance, and sales, that directly impact how well the trailer will meet your specific needs. These services ensure you have access to high-quality trailers equipped with the right features, such as the length of the trailer, the type of doors, the materials used for the roof and floor, and the overall durability of these components.

Length Options

Dry van trailers come in a variety of lengths, typically ranging from 45 to 53 feet long. The size you choose should depend on the amount and type of goods you need to store. A longer trailer provides more space, which is perfect for storing large quantities of goods or handling bulkier items. On the other hand, a shorter trailer might be sufficient for less voluminous needs and can be easier to maneuver and park, especially in tighter spaces.

Door Types

The type of doors on a dry van trailer can significantly affect how easily you can load and unload goods. The main options are swing doors and roll-up doors:

  • Swing doors open outward and provide a full opening of the trailer’s width, making it easier to load large items with a forklift.
  • Roll-up doors, while more compact and requiring less clearance space behind the trailer, offer a slightly smaller opening, which can restrict the size of items that can be easily moved in and out.

Roof Materials

The material of the roof is crucial for protecting stored goods from the elements. Aluminum roofs are commonly used in dry van trailers because they are lightweight and help to keep the interior dry. They are also durable and resistant to rust, which is essential for longevity and maintaining the integrity of the items stored inside.

Floor Durability

The flooring of a dry van trailer needs to be both durable and capable of supporting heavy loads. Hardwood floors are a popular choice as they are strong and provide some degree of moisture resistance. They are also easier to repair and maintain compared to other materials. Ensuring the floor is in good condition is vital to avoid damage to both the trailer and the goods it carries.

By considering these aspects — length, door type, roof materials, and floor durability — you can choose the dry van storage trailer rental that best fits your requirements. This not only ensures your items are stored safely and accessibly but also maximizes the utility and lifespan of the trailer.

Consider how these factors play a crucial role in not just choosing a trailer, but also in maximizing its utility over its lifespan. Next, we’ll explore cost-effective storage solutions that can further enhance the benefits of opting for a dry van storage trailer.

How to Load a Dry Van Trailer Efficiently

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Loading a dry van trailer efficiently is crucial for safe transportation and maximizing space. Here, we’ll discuss securement techniqueseven loading, and avoiding damage to ensure you get the most out of your dry van storage trailer rental. In the context of even loading, it’s essential to distribute weight evenly across the trailer floor to maintain balance and ensure the safe transport of goods. Our commitment to prompt delivery of trailers ensures efficient loading and unloading, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Securement Techniques

Properly securing cargo is essential to prevent movement during transit, which can lead to damage. Use the following methods:

  • Use Adequate Tie-Downs: Ensure you have enough tie-down straps and that they are rated for the weight of your cargo. Straps should be evenly distributed along the length of the cargo.
  • Dunnage Bags: Fill gaps between cargo items and the trailer walls with dunnage bags to prevent shifting.
  • Locking Bars: These can be used across the width of the trailer to brace and secure cargo.

Even Loading

Balancing the load in your trailer is critical for safe driving and vehicle control:

  • Distribute Weight Evenly: Place heavy items evenly across the trailer floor. Avoid loading heavy items on one side as it can lead to uneven tire wear and potential tipping.
  • Keep Weight Low: Load heavier items at the bottom and lighter items on top to lower the center of gravity and enhance stability.

Avoiding Damage

Protecting your cargo and the trailer from damage is another key aspect of efficient loading:

  • Use Pallets: Keep goods off the floor on pallets to avoid water damage and make loading and unloading easier.
  • Protective Wrapping: Use bubble wrap, foam, or other protective materials to wrap fragile items.
  • Regular Checks: During stops, check the cargo and securement devices for any signs of loosening or wear.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your cargo remains secure and undamaged throughout its journey. Next, we’ll explore cost-effective storage solutions that can further enhance the benefits of opting for a dry van storage trailer.

Cost-Effective Storage Solutions

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When considering storage options for your business or personal needs, the choice between on-site storage solutions like dry van storage trailer rental and traditional warehouses is crucial. Here, we break down the benefits and practicalities of each to help you make an informed decision.

On-Site vs. Warehouse Storage

On-Site Storage with Dry Van Trailers:

  • Accessibility: Having a storage trailer on-site means you have access to your inventory or belongings 24/7 without the need to travel to a warehouse. This is especially beneficial for businesses that require constant access to their goods.
  • Flexibility: You can relocate the storage trailer as needed, providing flexibility that is impossible with fixed warehouse space. This is ideal for businesses with fluctuating storage needs or those undergoing site changes.
  • Cost Savings: Avoid long-term leases and high costs associated with warehouse storage. With a dry van trailer, you only pay for the space as long as you need it, making it a budget-friendly option.

Warehouse Storage:

  • Space: Warehouses can offer larger storage spaces that are difficult to match with individual trailers. This might be necessary for businesses with large inventory volumes.
  • Services: Some warehouses provide additional services such as inventory management and logistics support, which can be beneficial for companies that need more than just space.

Budget-Friendly Exploration

Renting a dry van storage trailer can be significantly more cost-effective than traditional warehouse storage, particularly for short-term or seasonal needs. For instance, businesses can rent additional trailers during peak seasons and return them during slower periods, avoiding the fixed costs associated with permanent warehouse space. This flexibility allows businesses to manage their expenses more efficiently and adapt to market demands without overcommitting financially.

Secure and Weatherproof

Dry van trailers from reputable providers like Apple Truck are built to withstand the elements, ensuring that your stored items are protected from weather-related damage. These trailers are equipped with durable hardwood floors and robust aluminum roofs, offering a clean and dry environment akin to indoor storage facilities. The security features of these trailers also provide peace of mind, as they are designed to keep your goods safe from theft and vandalism.

By choosing a dry van storage trailer, you not only save on costs but also gain a secure, accessible, and flexible storage solution that adjusts to your specific needs. Whether you’re a retailer needing extra space for holiday inventory, a construction company storing materials on-site, or a hospital requiring additional medical supplies storage, dry van trailers provide a practical solution.

We’ll address some common questions about dry van storage trailer rentals to help you better understand their features and benefits.


At Apple Truck and Trailer, we understand the critical role that dry van storage trailer rentals play in various industries. Our commitment to providing top-quality, flexible solutions is evident in our diverse range of trailer options and our dedication to customer service.

Apple Truck and Trailer: Your Partner in Storage and Transportation

We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of dry van storage trailers that cater to different needs, whether you’re in retail, construction, or event planning. Our trailers are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring that they provide a secure, clean, and dry environment for your goods. Each trailer is a testament to our promise of quality and reliability.

Flexible Solutions for Every Need

Understanding that business needs vary, we offer customizable rental agreements to fit different time frames and budget constraints. Whether you need a short-term solution during peak seasons or a long-term storage option, we have the flexibility to accommodate your requirements. Our ability to provide trailers exactly when and where you need them helps you manage your operations more efficiently without the overhead costs of permanent warehousing.

Industry Applications: Beyond Just Storage

Our dry van storage trailers are not just for storage but are a strategic solution across various sectors. Retailers use them for excess inventory during sales events, construction sites for securing materials on-site, and event organizers for storing equipment securely at event locations. The versatility of our trailers makes them an indispensable tool for many businesses.

By choosing Apple Truck and Trailer, you are not just renting a storage space; you are enhancing your operational capacity with a trusted partner who understands the intricacies of logistics and storage challenges. Let us help you find the perfect storage trailer solution tailored to your specific needs.

Explore your options and contact us today! Discover more about our offerings and how we can assist you by visiting our storage trailer rental page. Join the numerous satisfied customers who have found their ideal storage and transportation solutions with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Van Storage Trailer Rentals

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What is a dry van trailer called?

A dry van trailer is commonly referred to as an enclosed trailer or box trailer. These terms highlight the trailer’s design, which is a fully enclosed space used primarily for transporting non-perishable goods. This enclosure ensures that the contents are protected from external elements, making it ideal for a wide range of goods from electronics to furniture.

What size trailer is a dry van?

Dry van trailers come in various sizes to accommodate different load capacities and storage needs. The standard dimensions for these trailers are:

  • Length: Typically ranges from 48 to 53 feet
  • Width: Usually about 8.5 feet
  • Height: Generally around 8 feet

These dimensions make dry vans versatile for both transportation and storage, providing ample space for stacking and securing cargo.

How long do dry van trailers last?

The lifespan of a dry van trailer can vary based on its construction quality, usage, and maintenance. On average, a well-maintained dry van trailer can last between 10 to 15 years. To extend the longevity of these trailers, regular maintenance such as inspecting the roof, floor, and doors, as well as ensuring that the trailer is clean and dry, is essential. Proper upkeep helps in preventing rust and wear, enhancing the trailer’s durability and functionality.

Regular maintenance checks and timely repairs are crucial in maximizing the lifespan of a dry van trailer. By adhering to a consistent maintenance schedule, issues can be identified and addressed promptly, ensuring that the trailer remains in good working condition for its entire serviceable life.

As we explore further into dry van storage trailer rentals, choosing the right type and size of trailer, and maintaining it well, are key to achieving efficiency and reliability in your storage and transportation needs.


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